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9/1/2017 Abhi – základní předklony a variace k získání většího rozsahu

Intermediate II, 9.1., 6pm class Forward extensions

„If we are beginner and intermediate students, we all want to improve the range of the pose, that is the truth“

How many of you practice yourself, when there are no classes? How many of you like forward bends? How many of you feel pain in forward bends? What do you want get from your pracice? Stability of mind, improving posture, tone the spine… Nobody just practicing because they enjoys? 🙂

general guidelines:

– In countries where there is cold, or you have stiff body in the morning, do quick repetitions, fast motion to move the body, warm up and get the stiffness out of the body.

Eg. Urdhva Hastasana in Tadasana – Uttanasana – fast 10x, or Urdhva Hasta Dandasana to Paschimottanasana, palms facing forward, and then touch floor 10x fast motion dynamic

– people with depressions, dull, sleepy mind first do concave back and you will benefit from that

– In all forward bends the chin goes away from chest, except in kurmasana

– With beginners we should as teachers do standing poses for several years, so the body learns all the movements

– If you do intense fwd bends and back hurts, do rotations in between (Bharadwaj, Marychiasana, Parsva Danda etc) with short timing, or also AMS

– If during sequence of fwd bends comes feeling of sleepiness then alternate with Adho Mukha Vrksasana so you get back the activity

– If you are advanced student, you can begin your fwd extensions with Janu Sirsasana, but with beginners standing poses or straight forward motions like Trianga Mukha Eka pada paschim.

– First beginners learning the motions forward, then later the concept of rotations in forward bends is introduced, later the corrections are introduced

– Learn to use various props or home stuff in your practice to improve

Něco jsem překreslila než to vypisovat, ať se trochu zasmějete 🙂

1. AMS– for spine/hamstrings: If weight goes forward and hips are not lifting, get your arms/hands higher

stiff hamstrings, wider feet and inner thighs back, open the back of the things to extend down

2.Parsvottanasana – if the hands go down, the spine is crooked and goes away from leg, so at first better to be higher and create the length


4. Trianga Mukha Eka pada Paschimottanasana – with block or slanting plank behind foot

5. Marichyasana – basic extension with foot grip

6. Paschimottanasana with blocks or plank behind foot

7. Krounchasana – advanced pose, we learn to go anti gravity force here, pull yourself up by ropes, grills, frame

this can be done with any forward bends

6. Janu Sirsasana – only after some time of practice, concept of rotations is instroduced in order to improve the range of the poses.

Eg.Parivrrta Swastikasana 4x

a) right leg to body – turn to R side, fix upper L arm behind R outer thigh and bend forward, then to left side

b) left leg to body – turn to R side, fix upper L arm behind R outer thigh and bend forward, head down, then left side


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