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7/1/2017 Lekce s Abhijatou a poznámky se sekvencí

„If the legs are shaky and there is no stability, go to the wall, it is not about mistake but about educating your hip socket“ Abhi


Intermediate II, 2.1. 6pm class

Swastikasana – hold knees, so you can lift front body, abdomen not to fall on thighs, but away and ascend

Hands in Namaskarasan – area where thumb side wrist touches chest lift up

Mats horizontal

Adho Mukha Virasana – thighs so much apart so that abdomen lengthens, find optimal distance, if its too much apart, the lumber arches, if too little body cannot lengthen

Adho Mukha Svanasana – shift body weight to legs, from shoulders and should.blades ascend up, upper corner waist ascend up, inner and outer knees back

– Again – inner and outer knee back, open the back of the knees well, push back well

– Ascend waist and root of the thighs up

Walk in with hands to Uttanasana – people didnt listen and made automatic jumps fwd, so had them walk towards legs 2x

Utthita Trikonasana

R- rotate right foot, inner knee to outer knee, inner thing to outer thigh

Hand on brick and raise R foot up on the heel, come to the back of the heel almost, lift right outer foot to right outer thigh, pull up, also front leg pull up, root of the thigh in, open the chest

Demo – with long stick – if somebody has not seen the instruction before

Front view – stick in the center line of the front leg, cutting through mid thigh, mid knee and mid ankle, normally the thigh rotates inwards and is half way turned out, then comes problem in the hip joint, then it creates problem in lumbar, then in the back, and finally in the brain, like a chain reaction

So make complete circular rotation in the leg, movement has to go to the upper thigh and to the hip

Then press the R buttock in, so inner foot will go down and vice versa

Position of the brick – in such a way, that the arm has to be perpendicular to the floor, so the arm can be used to correct the leg

Utthita Trikonasana again

Complete rotation of the R leg, in the old days, the instruction was, the front leg should face the imaginary wall in front of it, the side leg should face imaginary wall, and back leg should face imaginary wall, so the whole leg from all sides – front back inner and outer side image walls there

Maintain the rotation, outer thigh to the back thigh, open inner foot so it reaches the buttock

AMS – middle back up

„unless the chest opens, there is no value to take the head to the legs“

Utthita Parsva Konasana

quick right and left side, minimum instructions, just exhale and go down

Demo – with wooden brick under foot, fingers on the floor

Mound of the big toe, under it, there is a spot, this will go to the brick and toes will be up

Menstruating ladies do normal with hand on the brick

R search under the mound of the big toe, press down, toes up, inner to outer knee circular movement, so the front knee is facing right wall, knee back, buttock in, toes away from the brick, deflate the groin down

Uttanasana – feet wide apart, hold elbows, recover

Ardha Chandrasana

Quick R and L side, from Trikonasana, minimum instructions, try lift toes up, can you see how much we press them down?

Demo – thick rolled sticky mat, first fold in half then roll, foot has to ascend and be in the highest part of sticky mat

In the intermediate stage (where back foot is on the toes, heel up and front leg bent) we focus on turning the thigh, and buttocs inject inside, with mound of the toe on sticky mat, hand of the floor

„dont worry about falling“

„If the legs are shaky and there is no stability, go to the wall (front body to the wall, left hand pressing the wall) it is not about mistake but about educating your hip socket“

„even a moment of right action is better then standing in wrong position“

Again Utthita Parsva Konasana 2 attempts each side

R – in center, brick for foot and if you need sticky mat for the hand, or try hand on floor, now more challenge or if you want then repeat with sticky mat under foot

UTT – mounds under the big toes up on rolled sticky mat

Menstruation go to back row and Supta baddha konasana

Open the mats

Vasišthasana – basics

Be in AMS – first stand on R hand, and right outer foot on floor, so right side body facing floor, buttocs tuck into the body, left arm up, back to AMS and knees down rest

Demo – hips sucking in towards each other as in Parsvottanasana – quickly stand up and Parsvottanasana with brick under R foot – as if sandwiched hips in narrow passage, but groins away

R Vasisthasana – bottom R armpit and right foot in one line, buttocks in, knees straight, open the feet, to access the hips

AMV rest


Višvámitrásana – from Uth. parsva konasana, bend R leg, right hand walk inside and back as if behind the foot, R foot has to go slightly to the left towards the left foot, then lift the R heel and then lift the whole foot off the ground, right thigh on upper right arm, if not possible, hold the foot with left hand and balance, this is 1.stage, those who can, straighten the R leg to Visvamitrasana


R side body down first, alligned with border of the sticky mat as a boundary

Right palm walks forward so armpit gets closer to the floor, then right hand under the head, use the left hand as a support so the rigth elbow extends further, feet together, cut the buttocks into the body, Left leg up, suck the buttock in, if you cannot lift the leg, only balance on the side


AMVrksasana – from the hips ascend up, first up with one leg then the other

Sarvangasana – no belts

Lift the back, elbows closer, rolling groins in lift the legs up, groins front the to back, chest should lift to the chin, not to push chin to the chest

Buttocks bifocation roll inside out

Paschimottanasana – that is your savasana, let the body flow into the pose, bring Savasana in your Paschimottanasana


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